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Because it isn't a trade... like I said, when it is in that list it got added.

in my trade hystory there isnt that +14k either btw :D

but lmk if im wrong and i just missed it somehow between 2 trade :D

.. i wasnt logged in since 24 hours ( its gmt +1 here, thursday 9 pm) . my credits is 6000. i had 20 points so i should got 14k credits extra what rank info says :D.

Because the prices are based out of a continuously updated cache file, prices sometimes change but won't be viable because of the cashing, therefore when trading very close to 0 balance it will not work because the actual balance becomes below 0, the cache must be updated and the trader must be reloaded to see the right prices again. It is always a trade-off between speed and functionality.

poxbox why i cant trade even i got enough balance?

Yes you did... if you are in the list you got it.

I dont got that 14k from the prize pool :'(

Even I got balance. Why always says that Your balance is not enough for the trade. Trade not ok!

i need warbanners

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POX BOX is a fanbase website for the SOE game POXNORA.

Poxnora is a Free Multi-player Turn-based Strategy Game. It is comparable to a highly advanced version of chess with changeable boards(maps) and hundreds of different pieces(runes). Strategical options are nearly endless!


Next week first payouts of the prize pool!

Every week, from Wednesday till Wednesday, starting this week (with an extra big prize pool!!!) I will reward everyone participating in ranked play with an X amount of credits. Based on participation and success I will share the prize pool among all participants.

The share you get is based on points, of which you can maximum gain 100.

Playing ranked games will give you 1 points for each game played with a max of 60 points.

Gaining experience (so not rank) will give you a maximum of 40 points.

Losing experience will also make you lose points, making a loss as a rare league player against a limited player not such a hard hit as you will still gain 1 point for the game.

So just playing and surrendering will result in 0 points.

Because the rewards is mainly to help out new players but not to exclude old veterans the players in the limited league are treated differently and mainly harder. As they in general play quite some games, but experience is not gain in amounts like that of lower ranked players they will have a point max of 100 but each game played is counted as 0.75. Also if they maintain in limited they will be rewarded but dropping back to exotic will cause you to drop a lot in points.

PS, in the next few days your points and if you are participating will be visible below the prize pool.

Requirements for participation:

-       Have a poxbox account.

-       Your account must have a validated poxname, this validation is done by making at least 1 successful trade with poxbox on your poxnora accounts, in meanwhile, you should not change your poxname.

-       On Wednesday when the event starts you must at least be ranked in common league, unranked players will be ignored. If you gain rank somewhere between the payouts your scores will be ignored and you will participate next week.

Payments will be given on the finishing Wednesday, a list with given out credits is published on a special page.


*When there are accounts that use the same poxname the prize will be given to the one that has the most succesful trades with that name.

*Multi accounting is strictly forbidden, if you really play from multiple people from 1 location contact me.

Price pool is here!  


To celebrate the new pricepool you will now get 2000 times the dollar value of single rune in credits! And 2000 time the dollar value will go to the prize pool!

In other words, with a 50$ rune you will get 100k credits extra!!! and 100k credits will go to the prize pool!


The prize pool will be used to reward people every week for their efforts in the Drums of War, this however is still in development but everyone can already see it grow! Because it is automatically filled from part of the profit I normally make from trades!

Update on the new trader and an AWESOME new function!!! + Finally an on-site tutorial for the trader!

For people who want the old trader back.... it is NOT gonna happen. Truly the performance increase for the server is above 10 times. So that is 10 times less server load. THat means now poxbox can handle 10 times the amount of uses as it could (and on peak times the site was often unavailable, think about release days). The trade is in a baby stage now, but the nature of this trader is that it allows very quick improvements (opposed to the old trader)!

I am focussing on fixing bugs BUT I only support Chrome and Firefox for the trader (for now).


The new function!!!!!!! Now it is possible to add many runes to your trade+1 bronze token and leaving the poxbox trade blank. This will cause the trader to go in 'discover mode' and will analyze your trade and build it for you and bids with what the trade is worth! If you want to check what runes it all found go to your own profile page and check your trade history!

Trader online! Read below for info!

The trader is back online with the new trader in place! All prices of the exo-rare-uncommon-common prices have been adjusted and has everyone's credits to reflect the new prices.

The prices are a little bit odd but I will probably change them manually to more round numbers once I have the time.


Not on the new trader:

  • If you are inactive for 5 minutes you will be locked out of the trader and you have to refresh.
  • Only EXO- runes are for trade now.
  • No personal stock or $$ sales yet
  • Trader is not yet finished! especially graphically and the tooltips!
  • Any suggestions are welcome on my personal inbox in here!





As part of the all being new poxnora, I am also completely re-writing the website trading. It will be all javascript and blazing fast compared to what everyone was used to. However! trade prices might not be 100% accurate due to asynchronized calls and edits. But all will be be good in the future! So that means I am completely abandoning the old trade with pictures, this is just TO) much load and no browser really enjoys loading 4000 images. So it will look a little bit more boring but I hope it will make up for it with speed!


PS It is not yet finished so I am it is done once DoG is done!



Today is the last day of the trader being open, remember I will make a MAYOR revamp to all the prices and with that change everyones account credits to have a similar 'buying power' as they have now. I will do this naturally has honest as possible BUT if you feel you are going to be cheated then take out runes TODAY for credits as the poxnora trader shutsdown today for trades till march 6th.

Textual version of the trader!  Don't use chrome!

For now I have implemented the textual version of the trader due to its high CPU load on the chrome browsers.

Somehow chrome is all of sudden unable to load all those images correctly :S.

Working on a better fix but this has to do for now. 

I decided to place back the normal trader due to the lack of OOS info and filtering. Please do not use chrome for the trader for now

Info regarding the new info from Owl Games

I am going to alter all the prices like big time to reflect current buying power to new buying power, the exact way I still need to calculate, but people with lets say 100k will have their credits altered to have the same buying power after the crystal revamp. As with the revamp price structure will change greatly so it will be needed to alter credit values on accounts as well. The re-design of the credit model will also greatly change how people will use poxbox. Finally see, after a great amount of time, some light in the tunnel to have all runes available again for everyone.

More info will follow once I have all my calculations done. 

IF people have suggestions or have comments on this matter please use the forum:

(PS speculation on prices makes no sense at the moment, use the system normally as it is right now to keep the game alive, if everyone is gonna stock up and speculate trading this month is gonna be waaaay worse than it was ever before)

Changes around out of stock runes

Oke! As everyone knows is that it is very very very very hard to get certain runes because of hoarders and whatnot. Now poxbox as main trade side has come with a (a in the beginning a very strict) method that will make people think what runes they want to get out of the store if they don't trade IN out of stock runes themselves. I believe these new rules will shake up the market and will let the market really reflect what is wanted and what is not. These rules also give me really good insight in who is trying to manipulate prices. So how does it work?

- Some runes (the ones in the cash store) are marked as Out Of Stock(OOS) runes.

- Each week every VIP player is allowed to take OUT 1 OOS rune. You will see your allowance in the trade.

- For each OOS rune you trade IN you gain +1 allowance for a week.(This is to prevent people from stacking)

- OOS runes are marked manually, if a rune is out of stock it doesn't automatically qualify for OOS credit. This is to prevent abuse of the system. Runes qualified for OOS credits are marked by a * in the name.

ABUSING/ MULTIACCOUNTING/ YOUKNOWWHAT results in permanent ban's without warnings.

- Allowances will flex up if I see that it works.

- I am releasing runes from the cash store to stock up on some OOS runes


If as VIP you feel tricked, I can only imagine, you paid an amount of money to have benefits. The benefits you were promised from the start you still have: 5% more credits on in trades, no limit on CUR runes and more of the same runes in single trades. Now as we all noticed is that certain runes are very hard to get and VIP's might argue that it is their 'right' to have first access. This is possible if the economy is completely stable and it just isnt. About 15-20% of all trades is made by VIP's, they usually scout out the trader grabbing most of the good runes(and often just sitting on them). Problem is that in time more and more VIP's came while the 'general' population went down, meaning giving too much advantages to a big group of users will destroy the trader/store. And for OOS runes to be there they must be traded and rotation must happen so all those big collections move around players. If (not the real number) lets say there are 50 VIP's and they all want their 1 allowance a week then the store must make 50 OOS runes 'profit' a week to cover for it and as everyone can see, that is not really the case here.... so my conclusion is: for the time being VIP's won't get a free allowance each week to help the store and the entire community to get access to runes again.

I discussed this with a few VIP's and heard many arguments but yet this is my decision. Probably gonna cost me business but it is for the best!




Hello dear poxbox users! I am off on a camping holidays for a week so I won't be able to reply any messages quickly! Also if the server goes down I have instructed my brother to reset the trader but this naturally won't be as fast as normal.

Because SOE still has my IP locked out for login (already for months now) my server control program cannot do it automatically. I have requested a new internet connection but this one did not come in time for this holidays.

Again, if the server is down blame them. Been mailing with them for weeks but they cannot seem to find any problems on their side :S.


Cash store changes!!

With this many runes going out of stock I decided to do some changes in the cash store and make it somewhat automated to still provide runes and this time not for pox-stock-market players. I hate to do this but I won't fall victum to these people as I provide a service and don't want people to use that to stock up their own piles for cash sales.

So what changes? Legendary and Exotic runes that tend to fall out of stock are reevaluted in price and brought into the cash store automatically when new ones come in. Up till 6 are placed there before sending them into the normal store. The price of these runes is based of their credit price and when it will become stocked the cash price goes down also.

Now I hate myself that a game is 'pay to win' and the way  runes are sold on poxnora is just...... I made a forum post HERE to discuss this issue, the more react the more I hope SOE will rethink their selling strategy so runes will become accessible for everyone!


Server down information!

Do not worry, I have not been officially banned from trading or they did not shut down my account. There is a login issue they are working on right now, I did chat and someone from the poxnora team is trying to resolve it right now.


Poxbox is not going anywhere there is just a login issue related to my WAN address. This is now outside of my hands! 



As people noticed certain runes are often out of stock, this is already happening for a while now. As you also might have noticed from my posts on the forum is that some people's trading behavior is damaging the rune availability for everyone. Now I don't want to apply rules again and especially not for VIP's. Since some time I decided to log every action of everyone on the site, this solved a mystery for me. A glitch caused some players to trade out without being charged for it and runes did not get deleted from the website causing massive sync issues. Luckily the two biggest offenders traded back in the runes they glitched away.

Now back to normal trading: if I see people hoard massive amounts of certain runes I will ban them (first temporary). The new loging also includes IP address changes on accounts, I can trace back everything and all activity around addresses of accounts and also cluster groups of people that show similar behavior. So if I feel you are damaging I will ban you and you can send your questions to the email in the banning message.

It is sad I have to go to such extend to get rid of people who are trying destroy the purpose of the trader: all runes there for everyone!




Holiday sales on runes and credits!!!!-STILL ACTIVE!!!

All single rune purchaces will now give 4x!!! credits of its $$ value meaning? 

A rune of 50$ will give you the rune + 200k Credits!! 

Next to that all credit purchases give you and extra 20% credits!

(note that the extra credits on runes and credit purchases will be added directly after the transaction (ie, 100$ gives according to paypal 500k credits but now will give 600k credits), this effect is active until I state different in this announcement even after the offer expires) 



More and more hard to get runes I am trying to put inside the $$ store!

You might think: OMG OMG OMG now I cannot get them! Well as all the 'hold back' runes like the 150k ones is that I always keep a limited stock and everything that comes in above it goes directly into the trader.

Prize pool
Runes in cash store
Limited Ctharia
SP Harbinger
ST Harbinger
Haunting Spirit
IS Harbinger
SL Harbinger
KF Harbinger
FW Harbinger
FS Harbinger
Limited Snogvie the Antbear
Limited Kento The First Disciple
Limited Dugon Garu Stalwart
Limited Sixul the Worldender
Limited Shallaxy the Courier
Limited Coragh Two-Heads
Limited Inquisitor Magnus
Limited Angel of Pain
Limited Angel of Death
Limited Angel of Chaos
Limited Angel of Protection
Ryv the Ruthless
Vallassa the Elder
Limited Angel of Nourishment
Limited Angel of Perseverance
Limited Angel of Restoration
Limited Angel of War
Mysian Lamia
Angel of Restoration
Angel of War
Angel of Protection
Angel of Perseverance
Angel of Pain
Angel of Nourishment
Aria the Priestess
Skeezick Blackguard
Draksar High Marshal
Exemplar of Sarnghaver
Seeker of the Source
Salaman Commando
Defiler Knight
The Thing
Myx Slasher
General Korsien
High Warlock
Enforcer of the Circle
Frostfall Vanguard
Feshcaller Mika
Basilisk Templar
Czar of the Void
Draksar Morph
Dwarven Mortar Crew
Cyclonic Fesh
Frostwing Glaive
Slag Overmind
Vothsair Reaver
Angel of Mercy
Centaur Savage
Draksar High Priest
Hyaenid Stalker
Tundra Whisper
Eye of Serkan
Hekatian Voidraker
Pyro the Patient
Ferren Dancer
Fae Oracle
Imp Deceiver
Hyaenid Executioner
Snaptooth Chilan
Aspect of Death
Northern Cross Cardinal
Crystal Wolverine
Cyclops Stonecaller
Tortun Bokor
Serpentor Ardent
Kas Guide
Strig Warlock
Sheoul Disciple
Attendant Squire
Aspect of Chaos
Borderguard Elite
Prince Malandur
Goblin Spellkaiser
Judge Torien
Aspect of Infinity
Skywing Eminent
Frostfall Hydra
Void Spider
Vashal Vicar
Darkmarsh Outlaw
Bloodbinder Count
Grintmaw Magnificent
Umbral Wulf